Dam Photos

On Feb 12, 2018 I started taking one snapshot of the Holyoke Dam with my phone every day that I was in town. I started in February just because I am not good at starting new habits in January. I missed about three week’s worth of photos in 2018 because I was traveling. And I missed two days just because I forgot to go get a picture.

The bridge over the Connecticut River where I took the photos is a place on my regular walking route. It’s also on my way to the studio, so on days that I drive to work I can easily pull over for a shot. My family knows that we have to budget in a couple of extra minutes so that we can stop and take “A Dam Photo” before starting our weekend adventures.

A few things I learned:

  • It turned out to be an unexpected surprise how much I loved watching the river rise and fall throughout the year.

  • Seeing Great Blue Herons as they wade and Bald Eagles in the trees are an added bonus, but are hard to photograph with my phone.

  • It is really windy on the bridge.

I intend to carry on the habit into 2019 where I post daily on Instagram @samedamdifferentday

Below is a video of most of 2018. If you want to get to the good stuff, scroll through to a minute in when the trees start to green up in the spring.