String Quilt

Show and Tell

This summer I have been GSD - Getting S#*! Done. Here is my little Show and Tell of what I have been working on. I am happy to say that I have three finished quilts to show for it. First up, "Request and Dedication". Also Known As "the record quilt" or "the spinning plate quilt".

Request and Dedication Timna Tarr 75″x75″ 2013 photo by Stephen Petegorsky

I learned a tremendous amount while working on this quilt and I am very glad it is finished.

Request and Dedication - detail Timna Tarr 75″x75″ 2013 photo by Stephen Petegorsky

"Strung Along II, Log Cabin Var." is string pieced onto a muslin foundation and is the second in a series. "Strung Along" being the first. I am sure I will make more of these. I love the improvisational piecing, and working with scraps of fabric. Scrappy quilts sing to me in a way that more planned quilts do not.

Strung Along II: Log Cabin var. Timna Tarr 44"″x51″ 2013 photo by Stephen Petegorsky

Strung Along II: Log Cabin var. - detail Timna Tarr 44"″x51″ 2013 photo by Stephen Petegorsky

And just in the last few weeks I made this little river/mountain quilt. This may be the closest I ever get to making a landscape quilt. It is a montage of snapshots of the Happy Valley in which I live.

Valley Snapshots Timna Tarr 36.5″x32″ 2013

Valley Snapshots - detail Timna Tarr 36.5″x32″ 2013

This little landscape has already sparked a series, as I have pieced together another top based on the river/mountain premise.

Now, if only my desk were cleaned off and my paperwork was filed away, I would really feel as if I accomplished something.

What I Am Working on Wednesday

I have been quilting up a storm in the last two weeks. My daughter has been at camp, and I am taking the summer off from quilting for other people, so I can focus on my own work. This is what I have been up to.

I finished piecing a String Log Cabin.String Log Cabin

The back of the quilt top is kind of cool. The seams are pressed open, as they are so bulky from being pieced onto a muslin foundation.

String Log Cabin - back

The quilt just off of the quilting frame.

String Log Cabin Quilted

Now I am binding another quilt.

BindingAnd yesterday I started a new quilt using only solids. I have been wanting to make a quilt representative of the Connecticut River and the Holyoke Range. I think this might be it.


My daughter is at camp for one more week. I hope to have more to show next Wednesday! 

If Only It Were That Easy

This is what happens when I lay out a quilt on the floor, rather than on the design wall. First, the cat runs through the middle of the project scattering the blocks. Then I come home to find Barbie taking over. 

Barbie on Blocks


After finding Barbie is such a state I re-organized the blocks with my eight-year-old's help. As we were sorting, she started telling me the steps to making a quilt. She wrote them down for me and gave me permission to post them here, as long as I gave her credit.

Here it is, Miss S's Guide to Quiltmaking.

Step 1. Make blocks

Step 2. Sort blocks

Step 3. Sew together

Step 4. Put in cotton

Step 5. Sew eges (sic)

Step 6. Enter quilt show

Step 7. Win!

If only it were that easy.

Quilting Mojo

I have lost my quilting mojo. I don't think it is gone forever, just taking a well-deserved break. In the past month:

I have hung 17 quilts at the Hosmer Gallery and had a fantastic opening reception. Quilters are a wonderfully supportive group of people!

Finished piecing together the maple leaf quilt, although this photo was taken before the piecing was completed.maple leaf quilt in progressWrote my essay for the Jacob's Ladder: New Quilts From an Old Favorite book. Have I even mentioned that Upstairs Downstairs is a finalist in the competition sponsored by the National Quilt Museum?

Upstairs DownstairsTimna Tarr52.5"x55.75"2012

Continued to longarm for my clients.

And then I could not think about quilting. So while my mojo has been on hiatus these last 2 weeks I have:

Read a few books.

Cleaned out my pantry.

Cleaned up my sewing space downstairs. I have not even thought about the quilting room upstairs. That is way too daunting.

Played Just Dance 4. I told my parents that all of those years of dance lessons are paying off as I am now able to beat their granddaughter at Just Dance.

And a couple of days ago I did what I always do when I need to get my head back into quilting. I just start sewing fabric together. We will see if this goes anywhere. If not, it will spark something exciting, I'm sure.