Quilt Dots! Round 2

I am very happy to announce that Quilt Dots has created a second collection of Timna Tarr Quilt Dots - sets of 6 and 9 pins and magnets.  I just love this collection. It's very representative of my quilt life - from traditional to pretty modern - but apparently I like to to use the same colors across the board!

Timna Tarr Tied Together 9

My newest finished piece, "Tied Together", is even represented.

Tied Together

Quilt Dots is giving away patterns, fabrics, and many Quilt Dots products this week. Click here, to enter! You can also read a short interview with me, and then you will know why I took this photo a few days ago.

soy latte


Calling All Boston Sports Fans - Part 2

For Part 1 of the Boston Strong quilt, click here. Boston6

This quilt came together because three industrious sports fans put their talents to work after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. Tricia is running the 2014 marathon and using the quilt to raise money for a donation. Tricia's sister, Lissa, is the quilter who did the amazing appliqué work. Their mother is the de facto art director. I believe all three women were involved in collecting the autographs - a time intensive project on it's own!

In Tricia's words, she is running the marathon "in memory of a dear friend's brother. If you have lost someone to suicide, I would be honored to complete the marathon in their memory as well." If you would like to buy a raffle ticket to win this quilt, please visit the Tricia Pierson's Marathon donation page here.

You can see more photos of the individual autographs on the quilt's Facebook page, where you can also learn some sports trivia!

Below are a few more photos I took of the quilt while I was working on it.

Here is the marathon route, with mile markers and points of interest. Boston27Heartbreak Hill and Boston College


Bob Kraft and Bill Belichick's signatures


Boston4 copyA clipper ship


The Hatch Bandshell in the Esplanade

Boston14This Western Mass girl loved quilting this quilt. I am so glad I am able to share it with you.

Calling All Boston Sports Fans - Part 1

This fall I worked on one of the most fun quilts I have ever quilted on. And the best part is that you can donate to a good cause, while entering a raffle to win the quilt. All proceeds collected are going to Samaritans, an organization dedicated to suicide prevention. Boston Strong Quilt

This Boston Strong quilt was made after the Marathon Bombings last spring. It depicts famous Boston Landmarks such as the John Hancock Building and Trinity Church,

Boston19the Citgo Sign outside of Fenway Park,

Boston23and the Zakim Bridge.

Boston25The really fun part of the quilt is that each of the light colored diamonds is a real, honest-to-goodness autograph of current and former Red Sox,






Boston 29and former Boston Marathon Winners.

Boston 28Also included are politicians,

Boston10and Bostonian artists.


There are over 175 autographs, each written with a fabric pen directly onto the fabric. It took me much longer than it should have to quilt this quilt because I had to keep looking everyone up on Wikipedia!

When I showed my husband the list of autographs he said, "NO WAY!" "NO WAY!" "They got so-and-so?!?" "NO WAY", so I know my family will be buying several raffle tickets.

Tomorrow I will post more photos and autographs for your pleasure.

Repeating Patterns

You all are invited to come see a show of my newest work (and one oldie but goodie) in January! When: January 3-30, with an Opening Reception on Thursday, January 2 from 5-8pm

Where: The Burnett Gallery, Jones Library, 43 Amity St., Amherst

Here's a sneak peak of what I am going to hang. It is always a surprise to me how my quilts look when they are hung together. I really love how this stack of quilts looks like I had a grand plan for them to be friendly with one another, but I am not that smart!


(If you need to find me in the next couple of days I will be binding and sewing on sleeves and labels.)

Happy Trails to You?

Last summer my Aunt Cheri let me dig through her neglected fabric stash room. I brought home two large boxes of fabrics from the expedition. Little did I know that Cheri had an ulterior motive. In exchange for the fabric, she asked me to make a quilt for the 2013 Royal Auction in her town of Columbus, NE. I was happy to do it, as part of the proceeds from the Royal Auction go towards the Platte County Historical Society. Not coincidentally, the director of the historical society and museum is Aunt Cheri. This past spring I made "Happy Trails" as a donation to the auction.

Happy Trails, Timna Tar 2013I challenged myself with this quilt to only use half-square triangles, and only fabrics that I had in my fabric stash room.

When I try to keep it simple, I really am unintentionally making design restrictions and decisions. By deciding to only use half-square triangles, it meant the color could move on the diagonal, which is always dynamic.

Happy Trails, in progress, Timna Tarr 2013


By deciding not to buy any new fabric, I had to change up the blues in the border because I did not have enough of any one blue, which is more interesting than using one fabric. 

Happy Trails, in progress, Timna Tarr 2013

Happy Trails, quilting, Timna Tarr 2013

If you are in Columbus, NE on October 13, place a bid down on "Happy Trails". You can have the perfect couch quilt while your money goes to a good cause.

(P.S. The fabrics I brought home from Cheri's house were the inspiration for making Mass Maples. They were autumnal colors, not colors that I normally gravitate to, but were perfect for maple leaves. I just found out that Mass Maples won Honorable Mention in the Traditional, Pieced category at the International Quilt Festival in Houston! I'll be headed to the show in November, and I'm so glad I bought a plane ticket to the show last week, when they were really cheap.)