E Pluribus Unum

A Big Thank You!

I haven't said it recently, but YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! Even with a re-scheduled reception, and a record cold day, you all came out to see my work hang. I really do appreciate you taking the time out of your day to be there. Burnett 6

Thanks to the quilting community for always being supportive and encouraging. Quilt Ladies (and Quilt Guys) are my favorite people.

Burnett 4

Thanks to my friends and neighbors who aren't artists and don't exactly "get it", but they always show up!

Thanks to former co-workers for coming and keeping tabs on me.

Burnett 2

Thanks to those of you who follow my work for coming up and introducing yourself.

Thanks to Henion Bakery for being there to bake cookies when I don't want to.

Thanks to those of you who brought your children so my kid had someone to play with.

Burnett 1

Thanks to The Dress-Ups for rescheduling their band photos so that my husband could attend the reception. And for surprising me by showing up.

Burnett 5

Thanks to my family who help hang quilts, keep tabs on cookie trays, order pizza, and always give me constructive criticism.

Thanks to those people who couldn't attend the reception, but who sent me kind words. 

Burnett 3

Thanks to the Burnett Gallery for allowing me to see my work hung together in a beautiful space. 

(Repeating Patterns is up through January 30 at the Burnett Gallery in the Jones Library in Amherst, MA.)

Repeating Patterns

You all are invited to come see a show of my newest work (and one oldie but goodie) in January! When: January 3-30, with an Opening Reception on Thursday, January 2 from 5-8pm

Where: The Burnett Gallery, Jones Library, 43 Amity St., Amherst

Here's a sneak peak of what I am going to hang. It is always a surprise to me how my quilts look when they are hung together. I really love how this stack of quilts looks like I had a grand plan for them to be friendly with one another, but I am not that smart!


(If you need to find me in the next couple of days I will be binding and sewing on sleeves and labels.)

What I Am Working On Wednesday

What have I been working on over the last few weeks? Spinning some records.

Spinning plates 2

This weekend is my local guild's quilt show, which means I have been sewing on labels and sleeves. My daughter is hanging her very first quilt in the show, so she had to make her first label as well.

S Writing Label

The quilts (Mass Maples, Square in a Square in a Square, Summer Sprinkles, E Pluribus Unum and Yolk Music) are packed up and ready to go.

Quilts to goI worked on this many weeks ago, but this week it came to fruition. The pattern for Yolk Music is in the new American Quilter Magazine. And it is the cover girl!

American Quilter Magazine

If I Am Not Sleeping, I Might As Well Be Productive

I often wake up in the middle of the night thinking about a quilt. I have learned that if I just draw out what I am thinking about I can go back to sleep. If I don't get it out of my head and on to paper, I stay awake. (This morning I was up at 4:30. Nothing interesting was rattling around in my head though. Now I am just tired.) Today, while not sleeping, I flipped through the notebook that I keep on my nightstand. In it I found some of design ideas which manifested into real quilts.

The general layout for Sunny Side Up:

And the quilting design for E Pluribus Unum.

In the notebook were a few other ideas for quilts, which may or may not turn into something in the future. I will hang onto those pages. Just in case.