White Quilt Queries

I always find it fascinating to see the search queries on how people find my website. Some people search for my name, others are searching for general quilting topics, some are searching for jpegs of jarred tomatoes. A full 30% of the search terms that bring people to my website have some version of "white quilt" in them. This is what white quilt brings you to. A white quilt.

This quilt is titled "Le Blanc" (of course!). I made it in a class with Karen McTavish in 2004. It was a great class and I learned TONS. But, you all know how much I love working with colorful fabrics. As much as I love my white quilt, I do not think that I will ever make a wholecloth again. Never say never, but I think I am too much in love with different fabrics to commit to just one.