What Happens in Vegas...

Last weekend I had a few quilt-free days in Las Vegas. Vegas is not my first choice of a vacation spot, but it was the site of the Miss USA pageant. My husband's co-worker competed as Miss Connecticut. A few friends from work went to support her (and it was a great excuse to go away for a weekend!) All of that support paid off, as she is now the reigning Miss USA. We had a really great time at the event, and I have to thank Miss Texas's family. They were sitting next to us and filled me in on the in-and-outs of the pageant world. I know nothing about beauty pageants, but I do know quilting patterns. There were plenty of quilting designs at the pageant and in the shops in the casinos.

Wouldn't this carpet design make a great quilt? Although I would probably change the colors.

Pageant Floor

 A Grandma's Flower Garden in the Marc Jacobs window. Sequined hexies!

Marc Jacobs

And Herve Leger's window was a sampler of log cabin variations.

Herve Leger

The beauty pageant scene is much like a big quilt show - rabid fans, masters of their craft, quirky inside jokes. The big different is the heels are higher and there are many, many, many more rhinestones at a pageant!