Third and Down

Upstairs Downstairs Timna Tarr 52.5"x55.75" 2012 First off - my big news is that Upstairs Downstairs is the third place winner in 2013 Jacob's Ladder themed New Quilts from an Old Favorite annual contest. My friend Ann Feitelson's quilt, Blizzard, is the fourth place winner! Ann encouraged me to enter the contest, even though Jacob's Ladder is not my favorite quilt block. You can see the other winners here. The quilt and 1500 *scintillating* words written by me will also be published in the annual New Quilts from an Old Favorite book in March. 

As for the rest of my quilting world I have spent the last couple of weeks doing the annoying little things that one has to do as a quilter - burying threads, sewing on bindings, putting on sleeves. You know, the things that are tedious and boring, but end up making the rest of the quilt come together. It also means I have watched many, many episodes of West Wing during that time.

Luckily (or really, very unluckily) we have 22 new inches of snow, which reflects light beautifully and allows my photo-taking process to go more smoothly. Once the latest round of clouds clear away I will bust out my camera so I can share the new work. Promise.