The Cornhusker State Isn't All About the Corn

This past week I was in Nebraska visiting family. Don't fret, there were lots of quilting related activities included within family time. We went to the International Quilt Study Center and Museum, which was fabulous. It is a beautiful museum, the staff was generous and helpful, and we got to have a little sneak peak into the quilt storage rooms. Of course, I was very happy to see the quilts in the galleries. Especially the work of Jean Ray Laury.

And Susan Shie.

Because we were driving right by it, we stopped at the Nebraska State Fair. Where one can see a pig made out of canned goods.

I walked right by the quilt display, but my eagle-eyed husband spotted the quilt room. Lucky for me he did, otherwise I would have missed the 660 quilts on display. I was very impressed with the quilts, especially the quality of the machine quilting.

(My husband and daughter decided they had enough of quilts and went to the midway, where I hear the caterpillar ride is quite good.)

Best in Show went to Judy Woodworth.

This quilt by Nicole Japp is right up my alley. Bright, fun colors with swirl quilting.

Deb Bryner made this memory quilt. I like how the skirts are still flouncing at the bottom of the quilt.A trip would not be complete without doing a little shopping. My aunt used to have a sewing business. She let me shop in her sewing room, which was a treat (although she did have an ulterior motive in letting me in there. We are doing a bit of a trade!) I found a bundle of fabric and a book to bring home.

I also visited a quilt shop in Omaha on my way to the airport that had loads of fabrics I loved. The Quilt Studio is definitely a shop I will return to next time I am in Nebraska.