Sunny Summer Sunday

The great thing about having fiber-living and fiber-loving friends is that someone always has a project in mind for a Sunday afternoon. This weekend a multi-generational group of us played with light reactive paints to create some very *unique* fabrics. On this piece you can see canning jar lids, a fern, and a menagerie of animals. The fabric stays white where the objects are touching the fabric, while the space getting the sunlight retains the paint color. This did not turn out to be one of the most successful pieces of the day! Although the dragon feet did make it look like a chicken walked on the fabric.

Unfortunately I didn't get an after photo of these pieces, but the key fabric came out just as great as you think it would.

A finished piece made with sequins and little trinkets.

Canning rings, soda lids, keys and ferns.

And my favorite - violet leaves.

Thanks to Dancing Crow for teaching, hosting, and having incredible collections of little trinkets to share for the afternoon.