Stash Busting

My fabric stash is out of control. Seriously. It's a mess. Usually it is a mess, but I can still find things. Now it is the kind of mess where I can't find anything. A sample of before:

Stash2I have decided to fold, sort and discover fabrics I forgot I had. It is definitely cheaper than going shopping for new fabs. So now I have the "in process" mess.

Stash 1 Stash3

(Notice that black and white fabric over the bar of the long arm. Apparently I started to make a shirt of that fabric. Who knew??? I hate making clothing, which is why it isn't finished. The shirt is missing sleeves and buttons. I may just finish it up to be a sleeveless shirt.)

So far I have created bins for blacks and whites,

Stash5and solids, because those are easy fabrics to separate out.

Stash4The rest of my organizing plan comes down to bins of batiks, "new-purchases", "sort-of-new purchases", "it's-been-a-while-since-I-bought-this" and "I've-had-this-forever". I know that categorizing system is not universal, but it is how I sort my fabrics in my head.

Wish me luck. This may take a while.