Stash Busted

My stash is sorted and put away! (Well, most of it at least. There are a couple more bins of strange things I could not bring myself to go through this past week.) The sorting process:

Stash Sorting

I know as soon as I start a new project it will be in disarray again. But I will enjoy the order as long as it lasts. Someone asked me how much fabric I have - the answer is about 18 bins worth, which fit nicely below the long arm. Because I usually buy fabrics in 1/3 yard cuts it means that I have many, many different fabrics, but never enough of any one fabric for a border or backing.

Organized Stash

I sorted the fabric into color categories. (I just realized I spelled fuchsia wrong on the bin - ack!). Then there are bins of black/white prints, novelties, scraps, muslin, solids and one titled "weird fabs". Weird fabs holds things like sequined fabric and silks.

Labeled Bins

 It was good for me to put my hands and eyes on every fabric to see what I've got. Plus, I certainly had forgotten that I owned these gems:

squirrel and lipsThe squirrel is definitely going to make it onto an appliquéd circle in the future. Keep your eyes peeled.