I re-learn some sewing lessons every day/month/year. Rather than make a New Year's Resolution this year, I have made a list of sewing lessons that I re-learn over and over. Some of these correlate to real life lessons as well! Hopefully I'll take some of my own advice and make 2012 a little easier for myself.

  • If the sewing machine is not working correctly. Take out and replace the bobbin, and re-thread the machine. That solves most problems.
  • Every quilt always comes out smaller than I think it will. Plan accordingly.
  • Every project takes longer than I think. Plan accordingly.
  • If I think I should stitch-in-the-ditch while quilting, just do it. If I don't, I'll regret it later on.
  • Make the sleeve and label as soon as the quilt is finished. It does not get any more fun or easier to wait "until later". Until later does not come unless there is a deadline.
  • If I am tired I need to stop. That extra hour of work is counter-productive when it means I spend 4 hours taking out stitches the next day.
  • On a related note, if my hands or body hurt from using the same motion all day, Stop.
  • Use good quality thread.
  • When I am ready for a new project, but don't have any ideas, just start sorting fabric and sewing something together. This act of producing *something* sparks new ideas and new directions.
  • When all else fails, go outside and take a walk.

 I'm curious, what sewing (or life) lessons do you acquire over and over?