"Quilting" Apps

Like any other industry, there are many apps targeted toward quilters. What apps on my phone do I use most for quilting? Not the ones designed for quilters. The two I use most often: 1. The Sirius Satellite Radio app. While quilting on my longarm I listen to Sirius and many different podcasts.

2. The flashlight app. Why? Because it is dark under my quilting frame, and I want to check on the stitches on the back of the quilts that I am working on.

Since I almost always have my phone on me (see #1), it is very easy to turn on the flashlight and check underneath to make sure my tension and stitches are still complying to my wishes.

This is what I see when I crouch down and peer underneath the quilt. (Although the flashlight isn't actually on here, because my camera flash was enough light to see what was going on.)

I am pretty sure the inventors of the flashlight app did not envision illuminating quilting stitches to be one of its uses!

Do any of you use the apps that are really designed for quilting??