Quilt Labels

Putting labels on quilts is important, just look at my last post. But who likes to do it? Certainly not me. This is what my labels usually look like. Quick and dirty. (I almost always make circular labels because I do not like to applique the bulky corners on square labels. Form follows function.)

Last week, as I was procrastinating putting on labels, I had an idea....what if I had labels pre-printed so all I had to do was write in the title and the date? I looked at several options, but using Spoonflower.com seemed to be the easiest and most cost-effective option for me. Spoonflower is a service that allows you to design your own fabric and they print it in as large of quantity as you need.

First I created a 3"x3" jpeg in Photoshop. This was the hardest part. Photoshop is not a program that comes naturally to me.

Then I uploaded the image to Spoonflower's website and used their software to repeat the images across a piece of fabric. This whole process took about 2 minutes.

A week later, a printed fat quarter arrived at my house. 42 labels and the total cost to me was $10.45. I know I will save $10 in time and frustration. I still have to cut them out and sew them on, but aren't they pretty?

First label applied:

There are a few design choices I will make differently on my next order, but for the next 41 quilts I am quite happy with these.