O Happy Day, the Nuptial Version

About a year ago I received a call from a local quilter (from here on out to be known as Mrs. X) asking me if it was ok if she made a version of my "O Happy Day" quilt. Of course I said yes. Mrs. X's plan was to make the quilt for her son's fall 2013 wedding. I was delighted to receive another phone call a few months ago from Mrs. X,  this time asking me to arrange her quilt blocks. She had about 740 blocks ready to be organized into a king-size quilt. My absolute favorite part of quilting is laying out the blocks, so I was very happy to do that part after Mrs. X did the grunt work of hand-appliquéing a bagillion circles. 

(And, really, it is slightly masochistic that I spend days and weeks constructing quilt blocks of my own just for the few hours of payoff of arranging them!) 

I spent two mornings at Mrs. X's house arranging blocks, 2-3 hours each day.

After day one the quilt looked like this:

photo 2

At the end of day 2, she had a whole quilt top ready to sew together:

photo 1

Mrs. X's son lives in the U.S. but is getting married overseas. Instead of packing the quilt up to give it to them at the wedding, Mrs. X made a miniature replica to take across the pond with her:

Miniature Wedding Quilt 2013

And just to give you an idea of how miniature it is, the squares finish at 1", with 3/8" circles which are Wonder-Undered on.