New Longarm - Part 2

Yay! With minimal distress and anxiety on my part, the new machine is up and running like a champ. There are a few things I am going to have to get used to.

1. Loading the quilt onto the rollers is different than with my previous machine, which really just requires retraining my muscle memory.

2. The new machine is smaller than the old one. 2 feet narrower on the length and about 3 inches narrower on the width. Again, I am going to have to retrain my muscles on where the quilting area actually is. On my practice run I kept trying to quilt outside of its limits.

3. Since the machine is not as long as the previous one, I can actually walk around the machine and not crawl underneath to get to the back side. And for the first time in 9 years I can open the closet door without shoving a machine out of the way!

4. Really pretty stitches. I have a quilt of my own on the frame now. I plan to get used to the new setup by quilting some of my own tops before working on any quilts that do not belong to me.

Now the new machine is going to need a name. I might have to work with her (she's definitely female) for a while to determine her personality. Suggestions?