My Magnetic Field

During the past few weeks I have been in several quilters' studios. Seeing the spaces where other people work is fascinating. I was able to see different organizational systems and how they worked. As I thought about my own organizational system, I realized I have a few tips and tricks. The surprising thing to me is that magnets and Ikea components are the common denominators in my system.

First, magnetic knife holders are fantastic. I have two of them to hold my bobbins.  One is pictured here:

An Ikea knife holder corrals my scissors, screwdrivers, allen wrenches, and other assorted things.

Next up are these metal plates, also from Ikea. Several of them hung up end to end comprise my "inspiration boards". Notice the clothes pins holding up much of my junk? They are regular clothes pins with magnets from the dollar store glued to the backs.

Metal plates are also hung in another corner of the room. On those plates are magnetic jars (also from Ikea) with clear tops that hold extra pins, needles and chalk.

Finally I cannot recommend the product below enough. The magnet is small and strong. The coils are tight, but not too tight.

I use one of these holders on top of my longarm machine to holster my scissors. Since I have started putting my scissors in their holster I have misplaced them 90% less than I did before they had a convenient home.

Thanks for taking the tour. Please notice that I did not clean up for your visit. We're all friends, right?