Modern or Not?

There is much discussion in the quilt world about "Modern Quilting". It seems that a few camps have formed - Traditional Quilters, Art Quilters, and Modern Quilters. What makes a quilt "Modern"? I don't really know, and I don't think that I care too much either. A quilter is a quilter. I do not feel the need to separate the groups. I belong to a Traditional Quilt Guild, a Modern Quilt Guild, and to a group of women who are artists first - even though some of us make quilts. In each of these groups I learn from the women and men who are members. A few weeks ago I was interviewed by a graduate student who is doing her thesis on the Modern Quilt movement. She asked some really interesting questions about where I felt my work belonged in the spectrum of the quilting world. I am never sure, and personally do not need to define it. I use traditional patterns and techniques, but tend to use modern colors. As we were talking I decided that I liked the term "Contemporary" to describe my work. Just as the interview was winding down she received a Google Alert on her phone that the Houston Chronicle had published an article about Modern Quilts.

Later that evening I found the article, and according a quote in the Chronicle, my quilt O Happy Day "is as a good example of a modern style quilt". Do I agree with that assessment? Maybe. But then again, maybe not.