International Quilt Festival - Part 1

I just returned from Houston where I attended the International Quilt Festival. Before I left, a friend asked me why it was so important to me that I go to that show. At the time, I could not articulate the reason, but while I was away I figured it out. The Festival gives me a larger perspective on the quilting world than I have in my regular life. I see stunning quilts, imaginative quilts, and almost-technically-perfect quilts. Being in a crowd of thousands of quilt lovers, allows me to meet people who are making a living in the quilting world - quilt-makers, pattern and fabric designers, teachers, quilts show organizers etc. My husband pointed out to me that my work and my ambitions changed dramatically after attending my first Houston show two years ago.

Enough blabbering, I know you just want to see some quilts! These are not necessarily the award winners, but they are some of the quilts that I admired. I will post more quilt photos tomorrow as well.