In the Box

If you know me or my work at all, you probably know that I like color and grids. Often together. This week I realized how much of my home decor includes these elements. Below is a representative sample.

Not official decor, but there is always a work-in-progress on one wall or another.

Square in square in square

A grid of tiny pottery by Carlos Silva.

Carlos Silva

My grandparents owned a newspaper for many years. I use one of their old type trays to hold thread and other treasures, including an old metal carnival game sign. Some people would find the emergency shut off switch to the oil burner unsightly. I prefer to think of it as a "pop of color".

Type tray"Cookie", by Nancy Bass, who has a perfect home inside the telephone shelf in our front hallway.

Cookie, Nancy Bass

And a collection of animals inside a 7-Up crate.

Gridded animals

I'm very curious, does your home decor relate to your work? And how?