If Only It Were That Easy

This is what happens when I lay out a quilt on the floor, rather than on the design wall. First, the cat runs through the middle of the project scattering the blocks. Then I come home to find Barbie taking over. 

Barbie on Blocks


After finding Barbie is such a state I re-organized the blocks with my eight-year-old's help. As we were sorting, she started telling me the steps to making a quilt. She wrote them down for me and gave me permission to post them here, as long as I gave her credit.

Here it is, Miss S's Guide to Quiltmaking.

Step 1. Make blocks

Step 2. Sort blocks

Step 3. Sew together

Step 4. Put in cotton

Step 5. Sew eges (sic)

Step 6. Enter quilt show

Step 7. Win!

If only it were that easy.