Houston Roundup

It's been an action packed week. We had a freak snow storm which included 8" of snow before Halloween and knocked out our power for 4 days. In the middle of the power outage my husband and I got on a plane to Houston for the International Quilt Festival. I packed for 80 degree weather while it was 53 degrees in my house. Let's just say that I brought a very odd assortment of clothes on the trip. The Festival is the biggest quilt show in the country, and the second biggest convention in the city of Houston right behind the Offshore Technology Conference. There is something like 11 football fields of quilts and vendors - it is Disneyland for quilters. I made it there on Tuesday afternoon so that I could attend the awards ceremony on Tuesday night. This is the line to get into the ceremony.

And here I am accepting my award after "O Happy Day" won second place in the Art-Abstract, Large category. Thanks to Hoffman Fabrics for sponsoring the category! I was starstruck sitting in the "winners" section. Many well-known and influential quilters were accepting awards that night as well. A list of the winners and their quilts is here.

Tuesday night my husband, Linda Warren, and I went out for dinner and had a celebratory beer.

Now at this point you would think that I would post some photos of quilts from the show. I can't. I guess I was so busy looking at quilts and talking to other quilters that I did not take pictures. I will have to borrow some of Linda's pictures, since I know she took some.

What I did do:

*Bought more fabric and notions.

*Found the longarm machine of my dreams. But since the machine costs more than my car did, and I already have a longarm that works just fine, I won't be purchasing it any time in the near future.

*Was interviewed by a woman who is writing her graduate thesis on the Modern Quilt movement.

*Saw some friends that I only see at quilt shows.

*Met so many nice women (and a few men) who were happy to chat about quilting and to share their experiences and knowledge.

*And I bought a few more of these bags, since they were in the "Clearance" souvenir section!

I did get a photo of one of my favorite quilts in the show, "Ramble" by Kieko Kitada of Hamura, Tokyo. The goldfish fabric is from a child's kimono.

Now it's back to real life - like cleaning out a fridge that didn't have power for four days. And tomorrow I'll get back to work quilting.