Gwen Marston Workshop

I spent the last two days at a workshop taught by one of my favorite quilters, Gwen Marston. The topic was Liberated Log Cabins. Gwen's teaching style is exactly the style that works for me - she showed us some of her quilts, did some short technique demonstrations throughout the two days, and just let everyone get to work. Gwen was great about circulating around the room to help, critique, or just encourage people along. Gwen left some of her quilts up on the wall for inspiration.

The workshop did start with a minor hiccup. We were evacuated due to a gas leak in the building, but found refuge in a restaurant across the street for a couple of hours. You have never seen a bunch of quilt ladies grab their purses and move so quickly as when they are yelled at to "leave the building immediately".

I made one small top that I am happy with. It is about 11"x14".And some blocks that I am not so happy with. I will play with them some more and see what I can do with them. All in all a successful weekend.