Grandma's Stars, continued

In my last post I told the story of my Grandma's Stars quilt. Since I committed to writing the pattern, I had to figure out how Grandma made those stars. You know how she did it pre-rotary cutter? She used scissors and cardboard templates!

Grandma's Stars Timna Tarr 2002 82"x82"

I made plastic templates and used a rotary cutter, and tested them out by making this cute baby/wall quilt.

Grandma's Stars, Baby/Wall Timna Tarr 2012

And I had fun with the quilting.

Grandma's Stars, Baby/Wall, quilting Timna Tarr 2012

I wanted to try the pattern in a different colorway, so I used my scraps of 1930's reproduction fabrics and Kona solids in a third quilt. I did not take a photo of the finished product (that was not my smartest move), but here is a work-in-progress photo.

Grandma's Stars, Lap, in-progress Timna Tarr 2012

Again, some more fun quilting.

Grandma's Stars Lap, quilting Timna Tarr 2012

After the templates and directions were sorted out, I sent the pattern to my mom and brother to see if the directions made sense. My brother is not a quilter, so he made his out of paper. I learned that the angles on the templates were slightly off. Fabric is stretchy and forgiving, but paper is not. Don't worry, we fixed the angles!

Grandma's Stars _ paper test

My mom made a baby quilt. This is really a three generation quilt. Her mother started the project, I played with it, and then mom took it and played with it some more! Mom's is hand-quilted.

Grandma's Stars, Baby test Dana Tarr 2012

Want to try one of your own? You can purchase the pattern from American Quilters Society here.