Good News/Bad News

Good News: The quilting is progressing nicely on the spinning plate/record quilt. It is taking much longer than I think it should. It always does. record quilting

Bad News: I quilted three side triangles "incorrectly". You can see by the white chalk marks where I should have quilted. Ripping out that tight quilting is a pain-in-the-patootie. I have decided to put the quilt aside for a while. We need a little space.

record oops

Good News: It has been raining like crazy off and on for weeks. All of that water is awesome coming over the dam on the Connecticut River, right near my house.

SHF dam

Bad News: The amount of water traveling through my basement right now trying to get to said river is not awesome.

Good News: I had a double yolk egg for breakfast today. It made me ridiculously happy.

double yolk