Go Big or Go Home

What am I working on this week? Well, I am hand quilting a large quilt which is an exercise in endurance. Anyone have any good Netflix recommendations to watch while I'm working away? Last year at the International Quilt Festival in Houston I bought one yard of this Windham fabric.

Each oval is about 6" tall, and there are approximately 30 ovals in a yard. Now I know you are thinking that I have completely lost my mind. Reproduction president prints are not exactly my normal aesthetic, but I just loved it. After a year of mulling it over I finally figured out what to do with the old guy.

I have cut out his heads and I am going to applique them onto bright squares. George does look quite fetching on pink and orange. There are now 7 more yards of fabric being sent to me. Because as my friend said yesterday, "if you are going to make a George Washington quilt you better go big or go home".