I often get asked about specific tools I use when quilting, so I am going to share some of my favorites. Besides my sewing machines, the tools I use most often are my Gingher scissors. I have a few different styles, but the most useful are the 4" embroidery scissors.


Three pair live at my house. One stays with my longarm, one with my Bernina, and the third travels with my hand stitching box. Their sharp, really pointy ends get to the base of  pesky threads, and they are small enough that I have no problem getting them into tight spaces.

When you drop them on concrete and the tips gets bent (ask how I know!) or they need to be sharpened just send them to Gingher and they will fix them for $7.50. And that includes the shipping fee to return them to you.

Just watch your toes when you drop them off of the quilt you are working on...they really are sharp.