First Quilt, Age 6.75

My daughter, S., spent the night at my parents' house a couple of days ago. While there, she and Grandma made a quilt. S. picked out the fabrics, arranged the layout, sewed the pieces with the old treadle machine, and hand quilted some bold stitches. Today I helped her put the binding on (using a newfangled electric sewing machine).

She really liked ironing.

Finally I asked her a few questions. She requested editorial approval, as she did not trust that I would transcribe her answers correctly.

Did you like making the quilt?

It was...good. And not that fun.

Did you like doing it with Grandma?


Did you like doing it with Mom?


What was your favorite part?

My favorite part was sewing the blocks together.

Is there anything else you would like to say about your quilt?

I like it. I don't love it.

Is there anything else you would like to say about quilting?

Quilting is boring. You have to sew where the blue line is. You have to take out the pins. You have to push it down when there's bumps.
I shouldn't have made it so long. It should be shorter.
I should have done a pattern. Blue, purple, blue, purple.

 In my experience, wanting to change what you have just completed is the genesis of the next quilt. That's ok with me as long as Grandma is supervising.