Family Quilts - Day 8

For the next few weeks I will be posting a quilt a day, of quilts that were made by one of my family members. You can read more about the Family Quilts Series, here. The next several quilts are the Wedding Quilts. Quilts given in celebration of a marriage. The two I will show you today were given to me for my first wedding. That marriage did not last, but I am still using the quilts!

Although it is hard to tell from this terrible photo, this white quilt is all hand quilted by my mom and really beautiful. Each block was quilted separately, then at the end the blocks were sewn together. My mom's only comment each time she talks about the quilt is what a pain-in-the-next that technique was and how she will never do it again.

I quilted one block on it, before I ever made a quilt, and before there was any indication that I would get married. Which leads me to believe mom worked on it for a loooonnnggg time.

My maternal grandma made the Cross Roads to Jerico quilt below. I love how graphic it is. So simple and effective. Grandma hand quilted much of it from the back, because there were pencil lines marking her quilting lines. I assume she did that because it would be very difficult to see marked lines on top of these prints.