Family Quilts - Day 7

For the next few weeks I will be posting a quilt a day, of quilts that were made by one of my family members. You can read more about the Family Quilts Series, here. This is one of my favorite quilts. It belongs to me, because some other members of my family do not like the colors. I LOVE these colors (see, there is a green theme going on here). I think of it as "the sherbet quilt".

My Great Grandma on my father's side made this quilt. At least she pieced the top. My paternal grandma thinks that the church ladies did the quilting on it. I believe that is probably true, as you can see that the quilting stitches are different on different parts of the quilt. Also, it has never been washed - there are still pencil lines marking the quilting. I am guessing it was made around 1940. (Grandma, if any of this info is incorrect, please weigh in!)

I could not find the name of the block, but it is similar to a "Castle Garden" or an"Odd Fellows Chain".