Family Quilts - Day 6

For the next few weeks I will be posting a quilt a day, of quilts that were made by one of my family members. You can read more about the Family Quilts Series, here. Because it is hot outside, I am going to feature the heaviest quilts of the bunch - the corduroy quilts. These were made by three different women, of three different generations. What is interesting is how similar the quilts are - is it because corduroy only comes in a few colors? Or because it is so thick you need to keep the piecing simple? Maybe it's because they all raided each others' scrap piles?

First up, Grandma's quilt made for my brother. My brother loves it because it is so warm. His wife on the other hand, is not a fan, so it stays on his side of the bed.

This quilt was made by my mom. She did not have enough fabric for the outer dark brown border, so she found a pair of pants at the "Take it or Leave it" clothing pile at her town recycling center and used them. It has a fleece backing and the edges are serged, instead of bound.

Now the third corduroy quilt is one of two quilts made by my sister. The other one is much cuter, I can assure you. This too, has a fleece backing and it is the heaviest quilt I have ever handled.