Family Quilts - Day 21

You can learn more about the Family Quilts Series, here.

This quilt is a departure from the previous family quilts in a few ways.

1. It does not live in Massachusetts, It resides in Nebraska.

2. It is not a quilt I knew about until several weeks ago.

3. I do not believe a relative of mine made it.

The quilt is gorgeous and I wanted to show it off. The reason it is in my Family Quilt series is because it lives at my grandma's house. Not at my grandma-who-quilts-house. At my paternal grandma's house. She is not a quilter, but she does have many other good qualities. And be careful what you say about her, she reads this blog.

Grandma did not know where this quilt came from. She and my parents looked at it recently and did not see a label or any identifying marks. When I visited grandma a few weeks ago I pulled the quilt out to admire it. As I was folding it up, look what jumped out at me:

"AAT" stamped on the binding on the back of the quilt. A.A.T were my great-grandpa's initials. Now we know that his generation of Tarrs owned this quilt. Grandma thinks my great-grandma might have purchased the quilt and stamped the initials as a sign of ownership.

Part of the mystery is solved, but it is still not known who made the quilt. We will just have to enjoy it as it is, origin unknown.