Family Quilts - Day 18

When I started this project 18 quilts ago, my intention was to blog one quilt made by one of my family members every day, until I ran out of family quilts. More family quilts are being uncovered (no pun intended) and I cannot keep up with posting every day! The Family Quilt series will continue, just less frequently. You can read more about the Family Quilts Series, here.

To make up for my lack of posting the last few days, I am going to show one of my favorite quilts. This quilt is a show stopper. It is beautiful and well-executed. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a soft spot for 1930s quilts, so of course I think this this one is just spectacular!

The details of this quilt are vague. My mom believes that her mother's mother probably pieced the top, and my mother's mother might have quilted it. In the second detail photo, look how tiny the quilting stitches are. I forgot to note if it was hand or machine pieced, but I am going to bet that it is hand pieced.

I might have to make a Lone Star in the very near future...