Family Quilts - Day 10

For the next few weeks I will be posting a quilt a day, of quilts that were made by one of my family members. You can read more about the Family Quilts Series, here. This signature quilt was a wedding gift from my mom, for me and my husband. She had family members, friends, and co-workers sign a piece of fabric and used those pieces for the centers of log cabin blocks. The signature blocks include writing from several people who have since passed away, shaky handwriting from little kids who are now in college, and goofy quotes. Hurricane Isabelle even got a block, since we married just hours after she passed over.

At the time of our wedding we had been living in our house for a couple of months, so my mom made the house the center feature. She even included a mail slot in the door, because I love our mail slot.

In the photo below, the block on the left says, "Live well, Laugh often, Love much. Grandpa T."

The block on the right reads, "May your life together be filled with happiness and love. Mom and Dad G."