Family Quilts - Day 1

A few weeks ago, my mother said she was going to pull out all of the quilts in her house and put labels on them (good idea!). I invited myself over so I could take photos of all of the quilts and have a record of quilts made by other members of my family. My brother, sister, and I also brought our quilts over to be photographed. There are many more of my family's quilts in other parts of the country, but these are the ones that reside in Massachusetts. These are the quilts I grew up with. They are worn, and soiled, and loved. Some of the quilts are beautiful works of art. Others are...shall we say...purely functional (why are there so many corduroy quilts??). None of these quilts were made by me, although I did work on some of them. Most were made by my mom and and/or maternal grandma.

We photographed 48 quilts off of my parents' back deck. A surprising number of them were made of embroidered, rather than pieced blocks. Most them are hand-quilted. A couple of quilts are MIA, but I am sure they will be found in someone's closet before this project is over.

Enjoy the tour!

Day #1


My grandma gave me this quilt for my 6th birthday in 1981. Notice the green binding. I loved lime and mint green even at age 6. It is even quilted with green thread. I love how each Sue's dress swishes forward or backward at different angles, as if they are walking along.