Drafting and Vermin

Last week I started taking a drawing class at a local museum. I have learned several things in the two sessions. 1. I am not a great drawer, but that's why I am in the class. 2. I'm not a terrible drawer. 3. The instructor is a fantastic artist and he has already given me a few practical tips that have really helped me think about drawing. 4. The biggest challenge for me is only using graphite on paper - no color! I realized just how much I "see" in color. Jamie Burmeister is an artist who is doing a super fun worldwide installation. Read more about it here, and you can participate as well! Yesterday in the mail I received three of Jamie's "vermin" to install in my travels. As you can see, one little guy didn't quite make it through the mail with all of his appendages intact.

My daughter and I placed our first vermin in a location close to our house so we can check on it occasionally.

While taking a photo of the vermin's location I snapped this picture. If I was (were? what's the correct grammar here?) a painter, this is what I would paint. Just look at that orange! And blue! And green moss on the headstones! It's all about the color, I'm afraid.