Curious as a Cat

I hope everyone is having a wonderful season of holidays. At our house we celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah, so the gifts and parties started at Thanksgiving. The last of our family parties is this weekend. Whew. We had to put our little cat Louis down a few weeks ago, after months of caring for him. Of course we could not be a cat-free house for long, so we now have two sweet, curious fun sisters at our house! As you can see, they have made themselves right at home in the middle of our mess.

photo-3They are not allowed in my "official" quilting room, where I do my longarming and keep client quilts. Did I mention they were curious? Well, I have put all of those old baby gates to good use, as I need to keep the door open in order to heat my room.


I'm now down to only putting up the bottom two gates and my dad has offered his carpentry services to make a screen door. (And maybe someday I will paint around the light switch.)