Colour and Shapes

Since I have been lacking in (blog) words for the last few weeks, this Georgia O'Keeffe quote seems appropriate: “I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn't say any other way- things I had no words for.”

I do have a new quilt top together. This top went together much faster and easier than my last several quilts. It is amazing how quickly things go together when you use big pieces and do not spend weeks cutting out little bits of fabric. The quilt has grown larger than my design wall, so here it is splayed out on the floor.

Timna Tarr 2013

The quilt does not have a name yet, but I have been calling it the "Spinning Plate" quilt. Really though, I think it is a quilt of records. I live with a musician who owns *a bit* of vinyl. I guess some things rub off after more than a decade together!

I was so happy to find the outer border fabric in my stash - it was just what I wanted - even though I did not know what I wanted. There was just enough fabric for the border. Kismet.

A detail:

Timna Tarr 2013

How to quilt it... that is the big dilemma for this week.