My Red and White, or This is 40

In 2011, I was lucky enough to see the show "Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts" in New York City. IMG_1033

It was far and away the best art exhibit display I have ever seen. The exhibit designers used the height of the Park Avenue Armory to show over 650 red and white quilts. The show could have been tedious, but instead it was exhilarating to walk around and through the flying quilts.

A few weeks ago Quilts Inc., the organization that puts on the International Quilt Festival  announced that they extended their application deadline for the special exhibit "Ruby Julbilee: Celebrating 40 Years". I had not thought of entering a quilt, but once the May 31st deadline extension was announced, I realized this was the perfect time for me to make a red and white quilt. Not only have I been thinking about red and white quilts for years, but I too will be celebrating my 40th birthday in a few months.

Since I didn't have a lot of time to make a quilt, and because I have recently become obsessed with bow tie quilts, I made bow ties. On April 20th this is what I had - a handful of 5" finished bow ties.


My goal was to not buy any red fabrics and just use what was in my stash. I did buy a couple of yards of white Kona, and I took a handful of reds from my mom's stash after I depleted mine. Exploring the variety of "reds" there are - tomato reds, orangey-reds, crimsons, dusty reds, fuchsia reds - is what was most interesting to me during the constructing phase.

This morning I finished up the striped binding, and soon the quilt will have its official portrait taken so I can enter it for consideration. I don't know if it will be accepted, but I do like that it is my own little Ruby Celebration. 

photo-2 (And just between you and me, I might like the back just a little bit more than the front.)


Curious as a Cat

I hope everyone is having a wonderful season of holidays. At our house we celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah, so the gifts and parties started at Thanksgiving. The last of our family parties is this weekend. Whew. We had to put our little cat Louis down a few weeks ago, after months of caring for him. Of course we could not be a cat-free house for long, so we now have two sweet, curious fun sisters at our house! As you can see, they have made themselves right at home in the middle of our mess.

photo-3They are not allowed in my "official" quilting room, where I do my longarming and keep client quilts. Did I mention they were curious? Well, I have put all of those old baby gates to good use, as I need to keep the door open in order to heat my room.


I'm now down to only putting up the bottom two gates and my dad has offered his carpentry services to make a screen door. (And maybe someday I will paint around the light switch.)

International Quilt Festival 2013, Part 6

Here is is, the sixth and final post about the 2013 Festival. Below are some more quilts that caught my eye. "Cock of the Walk" by David TaylorTaylor - Cock of the Walk

"Birds and Blooms" by Janet Watson and Kim NortonWatson & Norton - Birds and Blooms Watson & Norton - Birds and Blooms - detail

"Heralds of Spring" by Joann WebbWebb - Hearlds of Spring Webb - Hearlds of Spring - detail

"Bull's-Eye 1" by Colleen WoottonWootten - Bull's-Eye 1

"Just For Fun" by Lyndy SpencerSpencer - Just For Fun

And last, but not least….this quilt was not in the show, but in a vendor's booth. I just love it. It is an 1890s silk quilt made in a Quaker community. How very modern! Just goes to show, that what is old is new again.1890s silk

International Quilt Festival, Part 3

In no particular order, I am going to share some of the quilts that caught my eye at Quilt Festival this year. Check back tomorrow for Part 4. There was a special exhibit of Kaffe Fassett quilts. I loved the color palette of this series of quilts.

Fassett Exhibit Fassett - Striped Rice Bowls

"Renaissance" by Theresa Fetch

Fetch - Renaissance Fetch - Renaissandce - detail

"Venus in the Garden" by Sheila Frampton-Cooper

Frampton-Cooper - Venus In the Garden

"Twirly Balls and Pinwheels" by Susan Garman

Garman - Twirly Balls and Pinwheels

"Lincoln" by Virginia Greaves

Greaves - Lincoln

"The Four Elements" by Margaret Jessop

Jessop - The Four Elements

"Blue Plate Special" by Judy Kriehn

Kriehn - Blue Plate Special






International Quilt Festival 2013, Part 2

In no particular order, I am going to share some of the quilts that caught my eye at Quilt Festival this year. Check back tomorrow for Part 3. "Tutti Frutti Main Street" by Susan Bleiweiss

Bleiwess - Tutti Frutti Main Street

"1938" by Melissa Burdon

Burdon & Marlborough - 1938


"A Persian Prayer Rug" by Hazel Canny

Canny - A Persian Prayer Rug


"Indigo Trips Around the World" by Ananbeth Dollins

Dollins - Indigo Trips Around the World

I love the quilting.

Dollins - Indigo Trips Around the World - detail


"The Pink Candle, Organic Log Cabin #5" by  Jennifer Emry

Emry - The Pink Candle, Organic Log Cabin #5

"Fireworks Quilt" by Tara Faughnan

Faughman - Fireworks Quilt