A Big Thank You!

I haven't said it recently, but YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! Even with a re-scheduled reception, and a record cold day, you all came out to see my work hang. I really do appreciate you taking the time out of your day to be there. Burnett 6

Thanks to the quilting community for always being supportive and encouraging. Quilt Ladies (and Quilt Guys) are my favorite people.

Burnett 4

Thanks to my friends and neighbors who aren't artists and don't exactly "get it", but they always show up!

Thanks to former co-workers for coming and keeping tabs on me.

Burnett 2

Thanks to those of you who follow my work for coming up and introducing yourself.

Thanks to Henion Bakery for being there to bake cookies when I don't want to.

Thanks to those of you who brought your children so my kid had someone to play with.

Burnett 1

Thanks to The Dress-Ups for rescheduling their band photos so that my husband could attend the reception. And for surprising me by showing up.

Burnett 5

Thanks to my family who help hang quilts, keep tabs on cookie trays, order pizza, and always give me constructive criticism.

Thanks to those people who couldn't attend the reception, but who sent me kind words. 

Burnett 3

Thanks to the Burnett Gallery for allowing me to see my work hung together in a beautiful space. 

(Repeating Patterns is up through January 30 at the Burnett Gallery in the Jones Library in Amherst, MA.)

Plot Twist

I recently read that when life doesn't go as planned, just say to yourself "Plot Twist" and move on.  Due to Storm Hercules, my first Plot Twist of 2014 is a postponement of the Reception for my quilt exhibit "Repeating Patterns". 

Instead of Thursday evening, please join me on Saturday, January 4 from 2-4pm at the Burnett Gallery, Jones Library, 43 Amity Street, Amherst, MA.

The quilts will be on display from January 3-30 as planned.

Please email me (timna[at] if you have any questions.

Happy New Year!

Valley Snapshots II


Repeating Patterns

You all are invited to come see a show of my newest work (and one oldie but goodie) in January! When: January 3-30, with an Opening Reception on Thursday, January 2 from 5-8pm

Where: The Burnett Gallery, Jones Library, 43 Amity St., Amherst

Here's a sneak peak of what I am going to hang. It is always a surprise to me how my quilts look when they are hung together. I really love how this stack of quilts looks like I had a grand plan for them to be friendly with one another, but I am not that smart!


(If you need to find me in the next couple of days I will be binding and sewing on sleeves and labels.)

International Quilt Festival 2013, Part 6

Here is is, the sixth and final post about the 2013 Festival. Below are some more quilts that caught my eye. "Cock of the Walk" by David TaylorTaylor - Cock of the Walk

"Birds and Blooms" by Janet Watson and Kim NortonWatson & Norton - Birds and Blooms Watson & Norton - Birds and Blooms - detail

"Heralds of Spring" by Joann WebbWebb - Hearlds of Spring Webb - Hearlds of Spring - detail

"Bull's-Eye 1" by Colleen WoottonWootten - Bull's-Eye 1

"Just For Fun" by Lyndy SpencerSpencer - Just For Fun

And last, but not least….this quilt was not in the show, but in a vendor's booth. I just love it. It is an 1890s silk quilt made in a Quaker community. How very modern! Just goes to show, that what is old is new again.1890s silk

International Quilt Festival, Part 5

In no particular order, I am going to share some of the quilts that caught my eye at Quilt Festival this year. Check back tomorrow for the final post, Part 6. "Photographer Darling" by Noriko Nozawa

Nozawa - Photographer Darling Nozawa - Photographer Darling - detail1 Nozawa - Photographer Darling - detail2

"Who, Me?" by Ruth Powers

Powers - Who, Me?

"Geschwindigkeit (Speed)" by Cheryl Sleboda

Sleboda - Geschwindigkeit (Speed)

"Chihuly's Gondola" by Melissa Sobotka took the Best of Show award.Sobotka - Chihuly's Gondola

"Gypsy" by Sharon Shamber Schamber - Gypsy Schamber - Gypsy - detail

"Skyline" by Claudia Scheja was the Best of Show winner of the Open European Quilt Championships 2013.

Scheja - Skyline

"Shadows 2" by Margarete SteinhauerShadows 2

"Red, White and Wright" by Judy SheltonShelton - Red, White and Wright