Quilt Dots! Round 2

I am very happy to announce that Quilt Dots has created a second collection of Timna Tarr Quilt Dots - sets of 6 and 9 pins and magnets.  I just love this collection. It's very representative of my quilt life - from traditional to pretty modern - but apparently I like to to use the same colors across the board!

Timna Tarr Tied Together 9

My newest finished piece, "Tied Together", is even represented.

Tied Together

Quilt Dots is giving away patterns, fabrics, and many Quilt Dots products this week. Click here, to enter! You can also read a short interview with me, and then you will know why I took this photo a few days ago.

soy latte


January. At a Glance.

Hello there. It's been a while. My fault, not yours. What's new, you ask? We have a new cat named Louis. He is about 2 years old and very skittish. He is learning that the quilting room is off limits though. Poor guy.


I am still quilting the maple leaf quilt. The quilting is taking FOREVER, but I think it will be worth it when it is finished. If it is ever finished.

Maple Leaf Quilting

Yesterday I woke up to my daughter eating her breakfast and reading an article in Quilters Newsletter Magazine. I am not sure if she was really interested, or if it just happened to be the closest reading material to her cereal.

QNM over breakfast

We also got a new bed frame. So, of course we need a new quilt. I have cleverly titled this quilt top "Square in a Square in a Square". (Maybe my daughter was drawn to that particular page in QNM because she has been looking at similar blocks for weeks??)

Square in a Square in a Square

After the new bed frame was put together, I promptly made the bed to see how the quilts would look on it. Only hours later did it occur to me to lay down on the bed to see how it felt. Is that weird?


Quilting Mojo

I have lost my quilting mojo. I don't think it is gone forever, just taking a well-deserved break. In the past month:

I have hung 17 quilts at the Hosmer Gallery and had a fantastic opening reception. Quilters are a wonderfully supportive group of people!

Finished piecing together the maple leaf quilt, although this photo was taken before the piecing was completed.maple leaf quilt in progressWrote my essay for the Jacob's Ladder: New Quilts From an Old Favorite book. Have I even mentioned that Upstairs Downstairs is a finalist in the competition sponsored by the National Quilt Museum?

Upstairs DownstairsTimna Tarr52.5"x55.75"2012

Continued to longarm for my clients.

And then I could not think about quilting. So while my mojo has been on hiatus these last 2 weeks I have:

Read a few books.

Cleaned out my pantry.

Cleaned up my sewing space downstairs. I have not even thought about the quilting room upstairs. That is way too daunting.

Played Just Dance 4. I told my parents that all of those years of dance lessons are paying off as I am now able to beat their granddaughter at Just Dance.

And a couple of days ago I did what I always do when I need to get my head back into quilting. I just start sewing fabric together. We will see if this goes anywhere. If not, it will spark something exciting, I'm sure.


Lots O' Baskets

Two of my friends and Round Robin members, Ann Feitelson and Ronna Erickson, occasionally make quilts together. For the last few years their collaborative quilts have been finalists in the American Quilter's Society's "New Quilts from an Old Favorite" contest. The 2012 contest theme was Baskets. Ann and Ronna came up with a stunner, Basket Weave. You can read their process in the book Baskets: New Quilts From an Old Favorite.

Ann Feitelson & Ronna Erickson

Well, Ann did not have baskets out of her system, so she made another quilt. She is right now in the middle of quilting it.

Basket WeaveII by Ann Feitelson

Ann auditions many, many blocks for her pieces, which means she often has many, many blocks left over. After Basket Weave II, she had 114 extra baskets and was kind enough to let me take them home. It was so much fun to play with beautiful blocks that were already constructed. The hard part was done! This is what I came up with. A little quilt that is about 36"x41".

by Ann Feitelson & Timna Tarr

I am now going to pass the quilt top back to Ann for her to do with as she wishes. There are still 24 basket blocks left over. Maybe there will be a fourth basket quilt??

White Quilt Queries

I always find it fascinating to see the search queries on how people find my website. Some people search for my name, others are searching for general quilting topics, some are searching for jpegs of jarred tomatoes. A full 30% of the search terms that bring people to my website have some version of "white quilt" in them. This is what white quilt brings you to. A white quilt.

This quilt is titled "Le Blanc" (of course!). I made it in a class with Karen McTavish in 2004. It was a great class and I learned TONS. But, you all know how much I love working with colorful fabrics. As much as I love my white quilt, I do not think that I will ever make a wholecloth again. Never say never, but I think I am too much in love with different fabrics to commit to just one.