"They Take As Long As They Take"

Last Sunday I had a lovely afternoon sewing with quilting friends. We were all part of the same Round Robin for many years, which is how we got to know each other. (Actually they are all still part of the Round Robin. I dropped out when my life became busier and more complicated a few months ago.) While we sewed I showed them the blocks I have been working on, and lamented (or whined!) that my productivity has been very low this winter. My lack of desire to quilt in the winter is a pattern. I should just accept that winter is my time to lie fallow, and that it is ok.

Friend 1 then said about her quilt-in-progress, "I didn't think I would be working on this quilt this long."

Friend 2 replied, "They take as long as they take."

That is going to be my mantra about the quilt I am working on now. I have almost 4 blocks finished and many more to go, but it is just going to take as long as it takes. And I am ok with that. At least until spring comes.


Blog Roll for Farmington Valley Quilter's Guild

Thanks to the Farmington Valley Quilter's Guild for having me as a speaker tonight. I loved the guild, as their members were so nice and welcoming. My talk was on modern quilting, and I also did a trunk show. One person asked what modern quilting blogs I follow. As promised, below is a list of the quilting blogs that I follow. Not all of them are specific to modern quilting, but many are. You can also see more information about Modern Quilting at the Modern Quilt Guild website, and follow their blog.

You will definitely be able to find many beautiful quilts and a lot of inspiration in these in the links below. Please leave your favorite quilting sites in the comments, I'd love to have some more suggestions!

Oh Fransson!

Handmade By Alissa

Tallgrass Prairie Studio

Cherry House Quilts

Quilting is My Therapy: Angela Walters

Free Motion Quilting Project

Anna Maria Horner

A Stitch in Dye

Generation Q Magazine

Green Fairy Quilts

Quilt Inspiration

Barbara Brackman

Luke Haynes

That Crazy Quilty Girl

The Printed Bolt

Thomas Knauer Sews

Esch House Quilts

Blue Moon River: Susan Brubaker Knapp

Carolyn Friedlander

Jane Davila


What Happens in Vegas...

Last weekend I had a few quilt-free days in Las Vegas. Vegas is not my first choice of a vacation spot, but it was the site of the Miss USA pageant. My husband's co-worker competed as Miss Connecticut. A few friends from work went to support her (and it was a great excuse to go away for a weekend!) All of that support paid off, as she is now the reigning Miss USA. We had a really great time at the event, and I have to thank Miss Texas's family. They were sitting next to us and filled me in on the in-and-outs of the pageant world. I know nothing about beauty pageants, but I do know quilting patterns. There were plenty of quilting designs at the pageant and in the shops in the casinos.

Wouldn't this carpet design make a great quilt? Although I would probably change the colors.

Pageant Floor

 A Grandma's Flower Garden in the Marc Jacobs window. Sequined hexies!

Marc Jacobs

And Herve Leger's window was a sampler of log cabin variations.

Herve Leger

The beauty pageant scene is much like a big quilt show - rabid fans, masters of their craft, quirky inside jokes. The big different is the heels are higher and there are many, many, many more rhinestones at a pageant!

Art History

I firmly believe that my art history degree has helped and influenced my quilting (I wrote one of the quotes in this Generation Q blog post), but not everyone thinks their art history training has anything to do with their current work. What do you think, does a knowledge of art history help one's creative work?