Family Quilts

What I Have Been Working on Wednesday

Lots of machine quilting is what I have been up to. Our biannual quilt guild show is coming up in a few weeks, so I have been finishing up my own quilts as well as my clients' quilts for the show.  It is always a great weekend with a very diverse group of quilts. You, too, can attend.QuiltShowFlyerIn preparation for the quilt show, I finished the quilt for my bed. It's really just a big canvas for all of my favorite fabrics.

Bed quilt

I wanted the quilt to be very warm, so I used two layers of batting. A base layer of Quilters Dream Request 100% cotton and another layer of Quilters Dream 100% wool. At first, the quilt was a bit stiff, but now after having slept under it for a couple of weeks, it has loosened up and is a perfect winter quilt. I love that it still has the "puffiness" of a loosely quilted wool quilt, but has the stability of cotton.

Bed quilt detail

This gorgeous quilt top from the 40s is the latest finished project. My mother bought the top somewhere, and asked me to quilt it. I love the juxtaposition of the traditional pattern with a more modern quilting design. My mom has not seen it yet, hope she likes it too!


Wheel quilt


Wheel quilt, bubble quilting

Family Quilts - Day 21

You can learn more about the Family Quilts Series, here.

This quilt is a departure from the previous family quilts in a few ways.

1. It does not live in Massachusetts, It resides in Nebraska.

2. It is not a quilt I knew about until several weeks ago.

3. I do not believe a relative of mine made it.

The quilt is gorgeous and I wanted to show it off. The reason it is in my Family Quilt series is because it lives at my grandma's house. Not at my grandma-who-quilts-house. At my paternal grandma's house. She is not a quilter, but she does have many other good qualities. And be careful what you say about her, she reads this blog.

Grandma did not know where this quilt came from. She and my parents looked at it recently and did not see a label or any identifying marks. When I visited grandma a few weeks ago I pulled the quilt out to admire it. As I was folding it up, look what jumped out at me:

"AAT" stamped on the binding on the back of the quilt. A.A.T were my great-grandpa's initials. Now we know that his generation of Tarrs owned this quilt. Grandma thinks my great-grandma might have purchased the quilt and stamped the initials as a sign of ownership.

Part of the mystery is solved, but it is still not known who made the quilt. We will just have to enjoy it as it is, origin unknown.

Family Quilts - Day 20

 You can learn more about the Family Quilts Series, here.  This is the first quilt my mom made by herself. She made it over the winter break of her freshman year of college. She said "I must have had nothing else to do". It was obviously loved and used as it is quite worn.

As a side note I was not allowed to take a quilt to college with me because mom did not want a quilt to be ruined. That was just fine with me. I was thrilled to have a real-life comforter, just like everyone else! That was the first, and only, comforter I have owned.

Family Quilts - Day 19

You can learn more about the Family Quilts Series, here. I always love quilts that show off a multitude of fabrics. This quilt made by my mom, for my sister when she moved into a "big-girl" bed, is a fun and graphic scrap quilt. The flower fabrics are from my mom and grandma's scrap bins.

Each flower petal is satin stitched. The embroidery between the blocks serves as the quilting.

When I look at the family quilts, I feel like my quilting style is more closely related to this quilt than any of the others I have shown so far. Do you agree? Disagree?

I am pretty sure I will never do that much satin stitching. I hate doing satin stitching.

Family Quilts - Day 18

When I started this project 18 quilts ago, my intention was to blog one quilt made by one of my family members every day, until I ran out of family quilts. More family quilts are being uncovered (no pun intended) and I cannot keep up with posting every day! The Family Quilt series will continue, just less frequently. You can read more about the Family Quilts Series, here.

To make up for my lack of posting the last few days, I am going to show one of my favorite quilts. This quilt is a show stopper. It is beautiful and well-executed. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a soft spot for 1930s quilts, so of course I think this this one is just spectacular!

The details of this quilt are vague. My mom believes that her mother's mother probably pieced the top, and my mother's mother might have quilted it. In the second detail photo, look how tiny the quilting stitches are. I forgot to note if it was hand or machine pieced, but I am going to bet that it is hand pieced.

I might have to make a Lone Star in the very near future...