Back to Work

Most of my quilting life is spent machine quilting other quilters' quilts. I love it because I get to see lots of different quilts, do many different quilting designs and meet interesting women. What it doesn't leave a lot of time for is to work on my own quilts. So, this summer I decided to take several weeks off and work on my own stuff, and to just be "mom". What happened is that I did a lot of fun summer things and didn't do nearly as much quilting as I thought I would. But, I was able to hang out with my kid without worrying about when I was going to get my work done.

Now school is back in session and I'm back to quilting other people's quilts. My goal for this academic year is to be more conscious of the quilting load I take on, so that I can have a better work/life balance than I have had in the past.  I'll keep you posted on that progress, but it is good to be back in business!