Mississippi Meander Quilt - Part 2

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In order to make this meandering quilt without losing my sanity, I knew I needed to break the project down into small sections. Here is one section cut out of the paper pattern.

This section does not have many straight lines, so I created appliqué templates out of freezer paper. On pieces where there are straight lines I make paper piecing templates (The brown squiggly line will be appliquéd on top after all of the sections are joined, so I am going to ignore it for now.)

To make the templates I need a mirror image, so I flipped the paper over and labeled the pieces with their respective fabric colors.

Then I took a piece of freezer paper and traced the template shapes on the dull side of the freezer paper. The dashed lines tell me to leave the seam allowance as is, while the sides that don't have dashes is a reminder to turn the seam allowances under. Again, I labeled the fabric colors, this time being more specific - not solid green, green Grunge - so as not to mix up my green fabrics.

Next I cut templates out of the freezer paper and ironed the shiny side to the wrong side of the fabrics leaving a 1/4" seam allowance. Using a variation of a technique I learned in a class from Karen Kay Buckley I "painted" a little Best Press on the seam allowances that need to be turned under and ironed them to the back of the shape.


Once all of the shapes are prepared, I then reassemble the puzzle. To hold everything together until I can stitch the shapes down, I use a cheap gluestick to stick them to each other.

Now it's ready for hand-appliquing. I will leave the freezer paper in until I have the quilt top assembled (or until the paper falls out on its own from handling). The paper helps keep everything stiff and straight.


Some of the sections have straight lines in them. Rather than making appliqué templates, I made paper piecing templates. The strategy is the same though: cut out the section, flip it over, trace onto freezer paper and label. I also numbered the order in which to do the paper piecing.

This section had two paper piecing units that were appliquéd together.

The scariest part for me in this process is trusting that my pattern is accurate and that all of the sections would fit together. Last night I put several sections together and they fit after a little bit of tweaking.

I still have a long way to go on this quilt. Cross your fingers that these techniques will carry me to the end.