Trust the Process

Recently I spoke with my anthropologist brother-in-law about the commonalities between art and science. We decided that practitioners of each discipline rely heavily on patterns, creativity, and curiosity to get their work done.

Since our conversation, the phrase that has stuck with me is "trust the process". Scientists ask a question, then trust that the scientific method will lead them to a conclusion. Artists ask a question, then use their favorite materials and technical skills to create a piece of art. Neither knows what the end result is going to be when they start, but each trusts that the journey will be a worthwhile experiment.

Trust the Process is the mantra I have been saying to myself as I continue to plug along on K and Her Fish

K and her fish 10-9-17.jpeg

I have to trust that if I make each square exactly as I see it in the original photo, collectively they will coalesce into a whole when sewn together. On their own, the four squares below don't look like much, but put into a larger context they are a toddler's double chin.

K's chin.jpg

That doesn't mean that I can't or won't go back and edit some squares that aren't working. But I do need to follow the process through to the end before making any rash editorial decisions. At least that is how my process works.

What is your process? When do you find yourself straying from it?