Quilt Dots Blog Tour Day 2

I'm so happy to be part of the Quilt Dots blog tour!

What are Quilt Dots, you ask? They are adorable buttons and pins made up of quilt patterns. The magnets can even be put into bracelets and necklaces. When you get tired of one Dot, you can replace it with another Dot.

Until a few days ago, there were three different Timna Tarr Designs collections.

Now there are four! The latest collection is called "Colorfall" after my quilt of the same name. How cute are these?

You can win a collection of Quilt Dots and other quilty swag by playing along with the blog tour. All of the details are on the Quilt Dots blog. I definitely recommend visiting the blogs and Facebook pages of the designers featured. It is an amazing and inspiring roster of quilters. And who knows? Maybe you'll win some Dots of your own.