Word from the Vermont Quilt Festival is that "In The Midst of Winter" received a blue ribbon, and the "Best Use of Color" award. I'm particularly proud of the color award, as the colors in this quilt are quieter than the ones I usually use. Subtle colors (although I know not everyone would call them subtle) are more challenging for me than the big, bold ones.

Ann Feitelson, who does AMAZING color work in her own right, texted me a photo last night after the awards ceremony. Thanks to her for keeping me updated! Ann also let me paw through her stash and gave me the idea to use that thin striped Kaffe Fassett fabric as an inner border, which is exactly what the quilt needed.

In the Midst of Winter VQF

VQF uses a scoring system in their judging. Each of the three judges gives points to a quilt in several sub-categories that fit into the larger categories of Visual Impact, Design and Workmanship. A quilt can receive up to 100 points per judge. The final score is an average of the three judges' scores. A purple ribbon is awarded to any quilt which receives 98-100 points, blue ribbon for 94-97 points, red for 90-93 points, and yellow for 85-89. There are several other "special" awards given; Best Use of Color is one of those.

I enter VQF every year because the judges comments are extraordinarily helpful. If all three judges make the same comment about my binding technique, I know that is a skill I need to work on. Because there are three judges, I can also average out their comments. One year, I and several people I know, all received a comment that our quilts needed border treatments. It seemed as if that particular judge is partial to borders. If there is one quirky comment like that, sometimes I take it with a grain of salt.

But, as you can see, this quilt has a border.