Mapping It

As many of you know, I take July and August "off". What that really means is that I do not longarm for customers, but I do other projects. Some of those project include doing summer vacation things with my kid, but others are quilting projects that I don't have time to do during the school year.

Project #1 - I have a new website! I still need to work out a few kinks, but  it is pretty and is working. I will fix some details in the coming weeks. Click around and let me know what you think.

Project #2 - My pantry is freshly painted. 

But I know that you really want to see quilts. This is the first of two map quilts that I have been working on. It is a map of the Holyoke, MA canal system.

Holyoke, 1938 Timna Tarr

I used this 1938 map of the canals and had it blown up and printed in black and white at my local copy center.

I then laid a piece of white muslin on top of the map and drew the major lines using water soluble pen. After I had a "map" (pun intended) to work with, I machine appliquéd bias strips for the streets and railroad tracks. The river and small ponds are hand appliquéd.

Even though the lines aren't accurate, I quilted mock contour lines.

This quilt will be on display September 5-28 in Holyoke, MA at Paper City Studios Gallery, whose location is on the map. Don't worry I will be sharing more about the exhibit, Texture and Substance: Contemporary Fiber Art, which I am curating, in the coming weeks. 

Orange=Streets, Green=Railroad Tracks