Time For a Change

Nothing like starting off a long weekend with a big announcement….

I have decided to stop longarming for clients, at least for now. I will continue to work on my own quilting projects, but I am going to spend some time catching my breath - away from the longarming part of my business.

If you have already talked to me and I agreed to work on your quilt(s) in the next several months, never fear, I will definitely finish up that work!

After I finish up the quilts I have already contracted through March, I will be ready for a new adventure or two. I have a long list of my own projects in both my quilting and non-quilting life.  And who knows what the universe has planned for me!

My clients have been so loyal and generous over the past 13 years (can you believe I’ve been doing this for 13 years?!?). Thank you to all who have trusted me with your quilts. By sharing your quilt tops, you taught me so much about piecing and applique. By sharing your stories you have taught me so much about life. If in the future I decide to start taking in quilts again, you’ll be the first to know.